Product Information

  • Name:Medium-use microphone designed for true fitness professionals
  • Model:E-Mic

E-mic is the best medium-use microphone designed for true fitness professionals.  Built to the specifications set forth by Aerobic Microphones Australia for lite to medium fitness use (rated up to 20 classes per week for 1 year against sweat death),  the E-mic has multiple features that make it more fitness worthy than the standard version mics manufactured for other companies.  The E-mic is a clean and clear sounding noise canceling microphone and can be used in the most acoustic challenging rooms. 

E-mic is also available in multiple colors for facilities that want to track mic usage per system or room, tie-in with a specific event or program, or want to match room or facility colors or decor.

E-mics can be terminated for Fitness Audio Brand, Shure, Telex, A-T, Samson, AKG, Nady, Sony, Sennheiser, and other brands of transmitter packs.

Features : 

  1. Water Immersion Screens provide better capsule protection

  2. Super Steel Cable ensures better fitness performance

  3. Shorter Boom Arm guarantees better fit and increased durability

  4. Noise Canceling Element for rooms with poor acoustics

  5. Boom Arm Position Piece strengthens the boom joint to avoid the "droops" 

  6. Epoxied Boom Arm - strengthens and sweat-protects boom joint

  7. Epoxied Spot Fills provide added sweat protection throughout the mic

  8. 1 year - 20 classes per week warranty

  9. Cable Strain Relief on headband

  10. Color Choices - For Multi-Room &/or Rotation Purposes