Kmax Series Line Array - RealSound

The Kmax series develop on the basis of previous experience, bringing line array loudspeaker technology into a new field. Natural audio playback, father project distance, enhanced anti-wind performance, fast transport loading are reached by Real Sound in the close and extensive cooperation with famous musicians and sound engineers. With the clear objective at the beginning of design, products are completed with comprehensive and excellent performance casting a sound monument together by these innovations and technical staff of Real Sound lab.

In the past decades, the line array technology set off a revolution in the professional P.A. field. As it can project the voice accurately at a farther distance and avoid unnecessary interference from the reflector, the loudspeakers system employed with this kind of technology sprung up. With the popularity of the technology, Kmas series continuously put the standard of P.A. equipment forward. Our technical advantages derived from the acoustic design correction by Real Sound, according to the performance of spectrum structure. We prefer concentrating on a special smooth frequency response, rather than trusting acoustic engineers to make up any deficiencies by electronic method.

Before researching and developing line array products of Real Sound, we had researched carefully on the same earlier products of the market. We concerned on their technical characteristics, as well as voice.  Meanwhile, we had further discussion with many professional users and exchanged of views, then a brand-new concept gradually become more and more clear, that is the patent technologies in the Kmax line array.


Features & Benefits

- High performance line array for coherent wavefronts

- The design of acoustic analysis

- Unified SPL Vertical directivity to increase 2 degree adjustable

- High resolution audio reproduction

- Space saving power strong

- Can be coupled and predictable coverage

- Wear-resisting Two component appearance finishing

- Providing superior anti-scratch protection

- Quickfly rigging offers flexibility of both horizontal and vertical arrays, with option to fly or groundstack

- Consistent and predicable array performance ensures



Applications : 

- Large theater cinema

- Large auditorium

- The Stadium

- Large Music Hall

- Large Conference Center

- Huge open-air concerts and 

- Music dance music tour