Lighting System

AVS offers project-specific consulting, trouble-shooting, insight and custom solutions for your lighting system project needs.

LED Lighting (24)

Audio-Visual Station is specializing in design & programming for architectural lights and stage lights. We are always making efforts to provide the best quality products, with the best after-sale service.

ACME Lighting (13)

ACME Group established in 1985 , is one of the largest enterprises known worldwide for its specialization in the field of lighting such as stage lighting, entertainment lighting, architectural and commercial lighting, audio, amplifiers and control system of professional manufacturers.


ACME Group has always put the development of scientific and technological innovation as the prime concern in accordance to the customers design and development of safe, innovative, advanced energy-saving lighting and sound, with excellent products and high-quality services to meet customer demands. The Elite Group has a senior R & D abroad. Hundreds of people working in technical development team has gathered together and mastered a full entertainment, professional stage lighting and ancillary equipment and spare parts production process design and development, prototyping, group line production, project management, experimental specifications and quality standards. We strive for excellence in whatever we do as each and every person's contribution is important to our success. Meanwhile, we reach and develop the LED driving power supply which to meet lighting products. Our team is very innovative and strives to create a leader of successful entertainment lighting, professional stage lighting and lead in domestic and international lighting trends.

Dimmer (1)

Wall-mounted dimmer, easy to install and maintain; It adopts convection cooling method of heat sink, without fan, and can work continuously for 24 hours; 220V+10%, 50/60Hz, single-phase/three-phase five-wire power input; Each channel has a miniature circuit breaker MCB protection; Double DMX signal input; Electronic wiring, flexible setting and matching; Fully extend the life of the bulb, three light load response time: fast, medium, slow; The user can choose 5 kinds of dimming curves: linear, square, S-curve 1, open square