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  • Name:Fitness Audio - MultiMic
  • Model:MultiMic


More and more Fitness Instructors are realizing the importance of having their own fitness microphones in preventing the transmission of germs between them and their colleagues. 

This is a fantastic step in improving hygiene practices in fitness centers, however it does pose issues relating to the compatibility of their microphones with the audio equipment at the gyms in which they work. 

Not all mics made for one brand can be used with a different wireless brand because of the internal wiring. Some brands use connectors that have 4 pins (T4 connectors), while others use connectors that have 3 pins (T3 connectors). However, each brand chooses their own wiring of the pins inside the transmitter, so the one mic will not function in any T3 or T4 transmitter brand as the wiring is different. This is bad news for Instructors wanting to buy their own fitness mic, especially if they work at different brands of gyms- until now!

AVS is now introducing a world-first MulitMic which manufactured from Australia.

All our mics are now manufactured with our new MultiMic connectors. This allows the Aeromics, Cyclemics and E-mics fitted with a T3 or T4 connector work in any brand of transmitter with the matching panel plug! 

In simple words, if our mic plugs in, it will work regardless of the transmitter’s brand or internal wiring. 

If you have any questions regarding to the product, please feel free to contact us.


Selecting the right connector:

T4 MultiMic - Suits all brands of T4 Connectors including: Fitness Audio, Shure, Chiayo, Mipro, Toa, JTS, EV, Telex and many more.

T3 MultiMic  - Suits all brands of T3 Connectors including: AKG, Samson, Redback, Okayo and many more.

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