MA-60MPF-60W Mini PA Mixing Amplifier

Product Information

  • Name:60W Mini PA Mixing Amplifier
  • Model:MA-60MPF


Model: MA-60MPF

Output Model: 4-16Ω, 70V/100V Output

Output Power: 60W

Frequency Response: AUS20Hz to 20KHz, MIC 80Hz to 18KHz

Input Sensitivity / Impedance: AUX Unbalance 250mV (-10dB) / 10K, MIC 2mV 9-54dB) / 600Ω

Tone Control: BASS (100Hz) and TREBLE (10KHz) ± 10dB

Operation Temperature: -20°C to +60°C

Operational Power: AC220V 50Hz

Power Consumption: 75W

Dimension (mm): W285 x D 250 x H 85

Net Weight: 4 KG



  1. Class-AB Amplifier having 60W Output
  2. Output High-Z (100V/70V) and LowZ (4-16Ω)
  3. Multiple Inputs (2xMics, 2xRCA Lines and 1x3.5mm Stereo) and individual volume control of each channel
  4. Mic 1 have AUTO Mute function (Level can be adjusted by VR)
  5. LEDs are displaying Power ON, Signal Level and CLIP Warning
  6. TONE (TREBLE / BASS) and Master Control
  7. MP3 Player support MP3, WMA and WAV files
  8. Full Function IR Remote Control for MP3 Player
  9. MP3 Player have 4 Playback Modes, Single Repeat, Random Play, File Repeat and ALL Repeat
  10. Display can be showed the song name, playing time and total time (MP3 Player only)
  11. 5 EQ Presets (Natural / Rock / Pop / Classic / Jazz / Country) for different applications (For MP3 Playback ONLY)
  12. MP3 Player can be ON / OFF by IR Remote for Energy Saving
  13. Bluetooth receiver is easy to connect Mobile Smart Phones and any Tablet devices
  14. Radio provided high sensitivity receiving within 88-108 MHz FM frequency
  15. LCD Display showed clearly information for Bluetooth, MP3 Player, and Radio operation