RealSound GEQ-231D EQ

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Product Information

  • Name:RealSound Professional EQ
  • Model:RealSound GEQ-231D EQ



S/N Rate(A weight)   >95dB
Frequency response   20Hz-20KHz+/-0.5dB
THD%   <0.01%
Precision of the central frequency   >90%
Filter of input   HI-pass 3KHz-20KHz; LO-pass 40Hz-400Hz
The max increases&Reduces   +/-15dB
Dynamic range   118dB
Input gain   -∞-+6dB
Indicator   Power,output VU,output clip,Feedback
Input impedance   Balance 20kΩ /Unbalance 10KΩ
Output impedance   Balance 300Ω /Unbalance 150Ω
Input connector   XLR(1G,2+,3-)
Output connector   TRS(Tip+)
Packing dimensions   585mm x 260mm x 170mm
Gross weinght   6.7kg